(Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Currently Railink is already operating in Medan, North Sumatra, with the relation of Medan Station - Kualanamu Station (round trip). Medan as City Railway Station (CRS) and Kualanamu as Airport Railway Station (ARS).
  • At the end of December 2017 or early January 2018, Railink will soon operate at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, with the relation of Sudirman Baru Station (BNI City) as CRS, Soekarno-Hatta Station as ARS and Batu Ceper Station as the station between them. In the next stage, Manggarai Station and Duri Station are also planned to serve airport rail passengers.

Railink is an airport train operator that manages train and airport rail stations. Railink is a subsidiary of PT Kereta Api Indonesia and PT Angkasa Pura II.

  • Regular Ticket: a public ticket selected based on the Airport Train schedule and seated in the available place
  • Reserved Car Ticket: the public ticket chosen based on the schedule of the Airport railway which is available and can choose a seat on the special train (reserved car)
  • Flexi Time: a public ticket selected based on the date of departure and can be used on the departure schedule at any time on the same day as long as the sit is still available
  • Flexi quota: a public ticket purchased based on a certain amount with a certain validity period in accordance with the available packages.
  • ​For regular tickets KA is Rp100.000.
  • For reserved car tickets and Flexy time / quota is Rp110.000 sd Rp150.000.

At the end of December 2017, PT Railink gave ticket promo price to Rp 30,000 per ticket.

Promo continued for Rp. 70,000 per ticket from the date of January 2, 2018 until further notice.

Airport Railway Tickets can be purchased through:

  • Ticket Vending Machine available at airport railway stations.
  • Ibook with reservation.railink.com url
  • Mobile apps Railink can be downloaded in play store or in apple store.
  • Channel distribution partner (especially for Kulanamu railway ticket).

A. Channel of payment that can be received for the purchase of Kualanamu Airport railway tickets:
Cash and Non-Cash.

For Non-Cash are:
- Debit Card (visa, mastercard, bca passport).
- Credit Card (visa, mastercard, jcb, amex)
- Prepaid Card (Brizzi, Emoney, Flazz, Megacash and Tapcash)
- Ecommerce: Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), Alfamart, Indomaret, mandiri ecash

B. Channel of payment that can be received for the purchase of Soekarno-Hatta Airport rail tickets:
Non-Cash, which consists of:
- Debit Card (visa, mastercard, maestro)
- Credit Card (visa, mastercard, jcb)
- Prepaid Card (Brizzi, Tapcash, Jackcard, and Tcash)
Ecommerce: Credit Card (visa, mastercard, jcb, amex), BNI Debit Online, Mandiri Clickpay, Mandiri Ecash, ePay BRI, BTN Debit Onilne, BCAKlikpay, PermataNet, Virtual Account (Mandiri, BCA, Permata, Danamon QNB Doeet) Together, TelkomPay (Finpay), Maybank ATM